Sadaqah4Sure is a registered 501 ( c ) (3) nonprofit organization, founded September 2003 and incorporated July 2009 in the United States. Sadaqaah4Sure is a new charity that donates 98% of every dollar to charity!

Your contribution provides hope and help to those desperately in need. If you can find it in your heart to give a gift today your gift will be disturbed to those in the most dire need immediately.  Please take the time to look through our programs.

Sadaqah4Sure is Blessed to have individuals on our team that speak:
English, Spanish, Arabic, Urdu, Banjabi

Thank you for taking an interest in our site.

God Bless your good heart.

Hanah Webber,
Executive Director


Sadaqah 4 Sure is offering a Free Blackstone Paralegal Certificate Course to anyone who can complete the following requirements.
1. Currently incarcerated in a Northern American Prison with at least 32 months left current sentence.
2.  Must be 18 years or older.
3.  Must have a GED or equivalent, and send copy with essay.
4.  Complete an essay of 1000 words or more in full completed sentences with proper grammar and punctuations. The following questions must be answered.
a. Why should Sadaqah 4 Sure invest in you to become a Blackstone Paralegal?
b. Why are you committed to completing the Program?

Essay’s must explain a little about the individual how many siblings they have, were they grew up, were they raised by parents or in foster care etc. Who was their roll model growing up. What are their goals upon release? Explain how they intend to give back to the community when released. Also if possible provide a picture (not a requirement).
Each essay is a contract agreement from the inmate that he or she will fulfill the requirements to enter into the Jails to Job’s Giveaway.

Essays must be summited by October 1, 2018.
In mid November all finalist will be notified.

This is an opportunity for inmates to move forward and apply this platform to reenter into a Community as a Paralegal.

If you would like to sponsor an inmate please contact us at Sadaqah4sure@gmail.com

Sadaqah4Sure Team Giveaway @sadaqah4sure