Hajar Dawah

We at S4S would like to Thank everyone that donates to the Prison Dawah Program.
Last month we were able to reach out to 2Sisters and  10Brothers in prisons From California to Virginia.

30 Quran’s sent to Folsom Prison California (10 English 10 Spanish 10 Arabic)

25 Quran’s sent to Pelican Bay Prison California (15 English 10 Spanish)

God Bless you all.



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My Story Sadaqah4Sure

I was just asked recently what motivated you to start S4S?

In 2004 while studying Arabic in Cairo Egypt during Ramadan Family, Freinds and I would make what we called food bags, and ride the streets of Cairo passing them out. Each bag consist of basic staples ie rice,flour,two type of beans, sugar,spaghetti, chicken bullion and a bar of soap. It was an adrenal Rush like none I had experienced, to see the faces of excitement that the bags brought We went to the graves where the People of the Living Dead live.People literally have cities in the grave yards these people have no where else to live they live in the tombs of the dead and not of family any grave or tomb.

My my driver at the time told me”If you want to see poor I’ll show you poor” he took us to an area where the people were living in conditions I choose not to discribe. I had NEVER witness such, not even on the Discovery channel had I saw such despair. We found a man living under old tires and metal, at this time I spoke very little Arabic so the driver took him the bag. When the driver return to the car he said if I tell you what he said you will cry. I said what was it! He said the man said “I just finish praying for Allah to send me something to break my fast for I have NOTHING” we all cried.

I was hooked I promised Allah azwajal that I would give Sadqah4Sure for the rest of my life. I begged Allah azwajal to guide me to those who are in need.

Sadaqah4Sure was developed at that moment. I took my funds and anyone who would give me funds and we made bags of food. Families would wait for us to show up in our little VW Bug we couldn’t stop the car we had to keep it running and literally throw the bags out the window. Many times it would become dangerous.

In 2007 I was faced with a tragedy in America I had to come back. Upon my return to America ALLAH sent me another Sadaqah4Sure Domestic Violence, Mass Incarceration.

As I promised Allah azwajal with the help of all you this work will continue. Insha Allah (God Willing)

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Ads Reveal Horrifying Sexism in Goggle Autocomplete

Goggle " Women need To"

Goggle ” Women need To”

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Sadaqah 4 Sure new Cause



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Re-Instate Family Visits

http://www.petition2congress.com/3596 This is a petition to to get family visits back for lifers. Try to get as many people as you can to go online and sign the petition. Thank You:)

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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Sadaqah 4 Sure T Shirt Charitable Organization Sml, Med, Lrg, XLrgABOUT ABUSE

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviors that a person uses against an intimate or former partner. It might include:

Physical Abuse:
Shoving, hitting, kicking, burning, choking, using weapons or other objects to cause injury; restraining.

Sexual Violence:
Forcing or coercing, unwanted sexual acts, refusing to practice safer sex, treating a partner like a sex object.

Emotional Abuse/Intimidation:
Name calling/ put-downs; denying/shifting blame; treating a partner as an inferior; threatening to harm others/self or to reveal information that might be harmful; using threatening looks, actions, or gestures.

Property/Economic Abuse: Destroying/ stealing property; denying money for basic
needs such as food or medical care; interfering with a partner’s work or education.

Stalking: Monitoring activities, phone calls, or emails; following a partner; impersonating
or questioning others about a partner. This may be done without the victim’s knowledge.

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